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Oral and Topical delivery in Nutritious Carriers

Oral Delivery

Cannabis is most widely known for its delivery through smoking or vaping. With the benefits of cannabis components becoming more known, the delivery through consumption of edibles has emerged as an effective and efficacious means of delivery without combustion. Health Canada Guidelines for the consumption of cannabis also state that oral consumption is better than combustion to receive the benefits. 

Echo Oils products target the healthy consumption of beneficial cannabinoids in an additionally beneficial and nutritional carrier oil. When utilizing tinctures, capsules, or edible products orally, the cannabinoids are metabolized in your digestive system allowing them to enter the bloodstream directly supplying your body’s cannabinoid receptors and vital functions with the beneficial compounds. Our process provides these high quality components in an additionally nutritive and beneficial carrier oil, such as flax and hemp seed oil, that not only supplies the benefits, it also taste great.

Our product can be ingested without producing the psychotropic “high” that is known with heated edibles (i.e candies, baked goods) with high concentrations of THC while providing the significant medicinal, therapeutic and nutritive benefits desired. The effects and benefits of absorption occur 15-30 min after consumption. Dosage is dependent on the concentrations of cannabinoids, with a typical range of 20-30 mg per ml, requiring a 1 ml dosage for maintenance and well being and larger quantities for targeted medicinal and therapeutic benefits. For general well being and maintenance this is becoming known as the modern cod liver oil without the yucky taste. Medicinally, raw cannabis products rich in cannabinoids such as THCA are proving to be key in unlocking positive results to address a range of afflictions without the high from THC rich products or adverse affects and hazards from other pharmaceutical products targeted at these ailments.


Topical Delivery

Our skin is our largest organ and has the ability to absorb beneficial compounds including cannabinoids and beneficial carriers such as flax and hemp seed oils. This can occur surficially, benefiting the skin or affliction directly, as well as penetrating to interact with subsurface tissue and our bodies receptors. This has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation directly, as well as aid in cleansing and restoring targeted areas on the body. Results are often felt within minutes and are not only long lasting and effective but also are restorative and without the side effects of other topical medications. Fatty tissues help to store compounds for ongoing relief in the targeted areas. The cannabinoids do not enter the bloodstream like oral applications and can be utilized to target particular afflictions allowing you to apply as liberally as needed. 


Ongoing research indicates these compounds are effective in the treatment programs for pain, inflammation and restoration from injuries and other systemic ailments including neuralgia and myalgia issues, psoriasis, dermatitis and arthritis. Echo Oils is not only great tasting, you can rub it on your body to absorb the benefits directly through your skin to key areas.