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Echo Oils integrated process provides a range of cannabinoids creating lab tested products that insure high quality precise content and concentrations.

Our Unique Process – ENTOURAGE PLUS™

Echo Oils applies science to nature with the Entourage Plus Process that is all-natural, solvent free. It unleashes the amazing attributes and benefits from an array of carrier plant seeds, nuts and herb oils infused directly with focused strains of Cannabis. Strains that are known for quality THC and or CBD content are utilized and tested both before and after processing to identify the key cannabinoids. Echo Oils mainly targets THCA, with its range of significant benefits and non-psychotropic effects, and is able to produce a range of cannabinoids.  This unique low heat process maintains the beneficial compounds such as cannabinoids, the original terpenes and the phytonutrients, unlike other extraction methods that utilize CO2, Butane, and high heat reconstituted mixes. The Echo Oils process creates superior products to other methods in a consistent and lab verified procedure. This helps insure consumers the best quality with confirmed content and concentrations and the key to supporting optimal health.


Only the highest quality materials are utilized by EchoOils including premium standard Cannabis and Organic fair trade carriers such as Flax, Hemp, Cocoa, Nuts and Herds.

Our source materials and products are certified lab tested to insure premium quality and precise content of thersaputic cannabinoids.

  • Clean extraction of plant oil 100%
  • Does not use CO2 or Alcohol based solvents 100%
  • Natural extraction and direct infusion into carrier oils 100%
  • Produces product more efficiently with consistent results 100%
  • Clean extraction of plant oil 100%
  • One Step produces product faster and high quality 100%
  • Process could apply to a wide variety of beneficial plants 100%
  • Nutritive and Beneficial Carrier Oils 100%

The Future with Therapeutic and Nutritious Echo Oils

Much more research needs to be done to show just how raw cannabis is metabolized in our bodies. But, experts like Dr. Courtney have shown that you can do far more with the medicinal herb than just smoke it. Incorporating more raw cannabis oil into your diet and therapeutic regime allows you to consume over 60 times as many cannabinoids in one sitting than when you puff on a bowl or eat an activated edible. Entourage Plus is a continuous one step process that is healthier and more consistent then extracts that utilize traditional methods that are often hydrocarbon based and also others including: CO2 extraction; Ethanol; alcohol (distillation); vegetable oil extraction (olive, coconut, glycerin etc); Hydrocarbons (butane, (BHO), hexane); synthetic (lab derived); Water (ice); and Rosin (heat press). Entourage Plus is a process of combining a known quantity of organic cannabis leaf trim and a  known quantity of organic hemp cannabis seed, flax seed or other beneficial carriers. This produces a known lab tested desirable and measurable result in one continuous and controllable step creating a highly nutritional and medicinal product.

Not only is the Medicinal Cannabis Industry evolving and experiencing a greater awareness and utilization of the beneficial herb, thus creating an increase in demands for high quality products; Echo Oils has developed an amazing “Entourage Plus” Process that now has brought a new and superior nutritious and therapeutic product to the Industry and Market.


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